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ChemiCloud is a highly qualified hosting provider that puts its customers first. Here, you will get not only high-quality hosting, but also excellent customer service. Find out more about all the benefits of this provider and choose a plan for your web hosting.
User Friendly
Reliability & Support
  • Excellent 24/7 support
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name*
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • SSD on All Hosting Packages
  • There are no dedicated servers
  • No cryptocurrency payment

ChemiCloud is a leading hosting company that has many years of experience in providing quality web hosting services.

ChemiCloud provides the best web hosting for its customers, with amazing technical support. You can choose servers in USA, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, India and other regions.

All plans include: SSD storage, free domain name for life, free SSL certificates, free daily backup, free website migration, 1 – click app installs and many more features.

With low-density servers, state-of-the-art hardware and a global CDN, your site will experience lightning speed. ChemiCloud uses the latest technologies like LiteSpeed, HTTP/2, PHP 7 and a free CDN, allowing your site to charge in less than 600ms.

In this review, we want to analyze all the pros and cons of this provider. Below you can learn all the information about hosting, find out all the plans and get a promo code for the purchase of hosting or a cloud VPS.

General Information About ChemiCloud Hosting

Speed: 650ms
Uptime: 99.99%
APPS: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
Features: Softaculous 1-Click App Installer, Free CDN, Free Daily Backups, GZIP Compression, cPanel/Softaculous
Type of Hosting: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS
Site Migration: Free
Support: 24/7 Live Chat & Tickets
Pricing: Starting at $3.95/mo (Save 50%)

ChemiCloud Review

Finding a good hosting service can be very challenging, you need to check all the possible options many times. That means stepping away from SiteGround or A2 Hosting or any other service that has a ton of marketing behind it. Usually the best hosting services are the ones without a lot of marketing, but which still provide a stellar set of features and amazing offers.

During our ChemiCloud review we wanted to see if this hosting service is actually a good option for people that want great performance, uptime and customer experience. In this article you will read our unbiased review about this service and what it can offer.

There are many ways in which ChemiCloud excels, for example they have the same renewal price as the one you initially paid. Not only that, you get a 45-day money back guarantee, as well as HTTP/2 support, daily backup as well as a free domain name and since they are a cloud hosting service, you benefit from an amazing uptime and great resource allocation.

On top of that, ChemiCloud gives you access to multiple server locations all over the world. This way your website will be really easy to access by the visitors and you can avoid any challenges. The company has servers in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Bucharest, London, New York and Singapore.

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Load Times and Hosting Reliability

When you use ChemiCloud you will receive around 99.99% guaranteed uptime. That’s great, and one of the best uptimes that you can expect from a service like this. As a result, the website will rarely be down, which means customers will not have any problem interacting with it.

The company relies on state of the art hardware for every hosting package, regardless of the one you use. And since they focus on delivering only the best cloud hosting service, you will notice that their services are very stable. And yes, they spread your content over multiple servers to provide fast access to people all over the world.

During our tests we noticed that ChemiCloud has a very good response time, and the fact that you have multiple servers to choose from here certainly helps. Aside from that, they rely on other technologies like CDN, PHP7, HTTP/2 as well as LiteSpeed Caching.

Another important aspect when it comes to load times is that ChemiCloud only uses SSD storage. That certainly helps a lot because it’s really fast and it will provide you with an extremely fast and dependable hosting that you can rely on.

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Server Uptime

Every website needs the best possible uptime. Even a single minute of uptime can cost businesses $7900 or even more than that. ChemiCloud provides you with a 99.9% uptime and they always make sure that the servers are updated to deliver the highest possible uptime. Even the average uptime for the company is 99.98% and they do a very good job at eliminating downsides just to make things better and more convenient all the time.

The way ChemiCloud achieves this uptime is via isolation. Every hosting account gets isolated, so the server is not affected in any way. With help from proactive server monitoring and a firewall, the website will have a very good uptime and security and you don’t have to worry about anything.

To make things even better, they use a Kernel Care security that doesn’t require a reboot. That means the security patches are installed as the server is running. It gets to stay up to date while still bringing in uptime as well, and that certainly helps a lot because of it. ChemiCloud also has its own dedicated mod-sec code system that will remove bad traffic created by bots. This way your analytics will be very accurate and you will have a great set of results every time because of that. Since the server monitoring is up non stop, you can solve any problem very fast.

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ChemiCloud Features

What makes ChemiCloud unique is the fact that it offers you immediate access to a great set of features. You get a 1-click installation system for more than 150 software tools like Joomla, WordPress and so on. They also offer a great bonus in the form of a free domain name that will stay free if you use their hosting service in the long run. It’s a great incentive to keep the hosting account active, as paying for the domain name can be very helpful.
They even have a daily backup system that obviously means a lot especially if you add a lot of content to your website. And this is included with all hosting packages. Plus, you have comprehensive analytics and a free resource for all the packages. You can even figure out how people find your website and all kinds of stuff. It totally works and it will bring in front a very good experience every time because of that.

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Easy To Use For New Users

ChemiCloud’s primary concern is to make the user feel great and give him access to all the features they need. And since they know that most of their audience is not tech-savvy, they made the interface very simple and convenient to use. Their customer support team can assist you quite a bit, so you never have to worry about any challenges that can sometimes arise in a situation like this.

Another thing to note is that with help from customer service you can solve any issue regardless of how simple or complex it might be. That being said, you do have a great LAB section that gives you access to info and tools that you may need. This means you get access to new software, the cPanel and anything else. It’s a nice change of pace while still offering you comprehensive solutions that you can rely on. Assistance and focus are key here, so customer support will be there to help you achieve the success you want and need. You just have to check it out and give it a try on your own.

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Cost Of Services and Payment Methods

ChemiCloud wants to make sure that all customers get the hosting features they need while making the process as convenient as possible. That being said, they also brought in a very good set of price points. They try to bring the right balance between prices provided and features. The offer is great because you have advanced and lower tier features so you can easily pick what you really need the most in a situation like this.

What you will like about ChemiCloud is the fact that they maintain their prices stable. A lot of hosting companies try to increase their prices just to make a quick buck. They don’t do such a thing, and that shows the commitment the company has to its customers. If they have to increase it, that’s mostly due to more features or something being added to it.

Why are they doing this? They do want to offer new customers the best services and value. And yes, they strive to keep current customers happy too. Which is great, because the company is very professional and dependable, and you will find it to be super reliable and dependable all the time because of that. Study the price offers and you will see they are very professional and consistent, which is really impressive in a situation like this.

If you want to sign up and pay for ChemiCloud hosting services, you can use an online payment processor or a credit card. A thing to keep in mind here is that you can’t pay with cryptocurrencies, that might be a bit problematic for some people.

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What Is Attractive About Hosting From ChemiCloud?

As with any hosting, ChemiCloud has it’s pros and cons. Let’s look at them in more detail.

The Cost Of Extending Services Does Not Change

Many hosting services give you a very low enrollment price, then when you renew you pay a lot more. ChemiCloud is not like that, instead they keep the same price you paid the first time. This is very important because you get to save a lot of money with just a simple feature like this. It’s a wonderful way to show that your business is trustworthy, and that’s why people love their service.

Free Backup

Sometimes even a simple change to your website can break it. Which is why you need to have a backup system in place. The best thing about having a free backup is the fact that your database and website info will be very safe at all times. The automatic backups will keep every backup you created for 30 days or so. And yes, you can easily restore everything via the cPanel too. This is one of the simplest methods you can use to keep your website safe.

HTTP/2 Enabled

This protocol is based on SPDY from Google and it’s around 35% faster than the 1.1 iteration. As a result, you will have an encrypted, secure connect and faster loading times too. That’s incredible and it certainly brings in front a very good set of results.

Free SSL and CDN Network

One of the things we like about ChemiCloud is the fact that they are using SSL and this is important for SEO. The company uses Let’s Encrypt to offer free SSL, and you also have a web app firewall. Yes, you also get free CDN from CloudFlare. What that means is that your content is cached on a global server network and you can send content to your visitors a lot faster and without performance loss.

45-day Money Back

It’s crucial to make sure that you have a way to protect yourself against any possible problems that can arise. A 45-day money back guarantee really helps a lot and you will have a very good experience thanks to it. If you are within the 45 days and you want a refund, they will offer that without asking any further questions. If you’re the type of user that needs good support and performance or proper web performance optimization, ChemiCloud can be a very good option and it certainly brings all the tools and features you need.

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ChemiCloud Support 24/7

When it comes to support, ChemiCloud does a very good job at solving any issues that you are dealing with. Since the support team is online 24/7, you really get to have access to the features you need and the results themselves will be among some of the best every time. They can help with any issue, so you just have to ask them for support. The live chat replies come in a few seconds and you will have a response time of 15 minutes if you just issue a ticket. Overall, they have a very fast response time and the attitude is very friendly. Just try to use that to your own advantage.

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ChemiCloud does a very good job at bringing you top of the line, professional hosting services. The company itself is very professional and customers like their dedication and services. Sure, it would be great to have dedicated servers, but the reality is that a regular user won’t really need this type of stuff. We are certain that you will have a very good experience when you work with them, so test them out!

ChemiCloud plans

ChemiCloud Pricing: How Much Does ChemiCloud Cost Per Month?

ChemiCloud offers four web hosting plans: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS and Reseller Hosting. Below you can see the details of the plans and choose a hosting for the site.

Type Of Hosting Space Bandwidth Price
Shared Hosting 15 GB Unlimited $3.95/mo*
WordPress Hosting 15 GB Unlimited $3.95/mo*
Cloud VPS 80 GB 4 TB $79.95/mo*
Reseller Hosting 25 GB 250 GB $19.95/mo*
* The minimum plans for all types of hosting site ChemiCloud.

Shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting from ChemiCloud is a great solution for young sites that need high speed and 99.99% uptime. We recommend to choose the plan “Web Hosting Turbo” with the function of increasing the speed of the site by 10 times.

Shared Hosting Price SSD
Web Hosting Starter $3.95/mo* (Regular: $7.90/mo) 15 GB
Web Hosting Pro $6.95/mo* (Regular: $13.90/mo) 25 GB
Web Hosting Turbo $10.95/mo* (Regular: $21.90/mo) 35 GB
* For more information, please visit the official website.

WordPress hosting

High-Speed WordPress Hosting

No matter what site you make on WordPress, it should be optimized and loaded very quickly. This hosting will help your site load 10 times faster than the competition.

WordPress Hosting Price SSD
WordPress Starter $3.95/mo* (Regular: $7.90/mo) 15 GB
WordPress Pro $6.95/mo* (Regular: $13.90/mo) 25 GB
WordPress Turbo $10.95/mo* (Regular: $21.90/mo) 35 GB
* For more information, please visit the official website.

Cloud VPS

Scalable VPS Hosting

A fully managed cloud VPS hosting, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. Various locations of servers around the world, to ensure the fastest page load time. Choose from 8 servers around the world.

VPS Hosting Price SSD
Iron $79.95/mo (Save 10% on Annually) 80 GB
Bronze $119.95/mo (Save 10% on Annually) 160 GB
Silver $199.95/mo (Save 10% on Annually) 320 GB
Gold $359.95/mo (Save 10% on Annually) 640 GB
* For more information, please visit the official website.

Reseller hosting

Cloud Reseller Hosting

High-performance cloud reseller hosting for designers and agencies with servers in New York and San Francisco. Reseller hosting will allow you to create your own company, without worrying about hosting management and technical support.

Reseller Hosting Price SSD
Electron $19.95/mo 25 GB
Fusion $34.95/mo 50 GB
Expansion $50.95/mo 80 GB
Evolution $64.95/mo 100 GB
* For more information, please visit the official website.


ChemiCloud F.A.Q

We studied the information and found that very few people know what ChemiCloud is who the owner of the company is. We answered the most popular questions in this block.

What is ChemiCloud?
ChemiCloud is a hosting provider that offers excellent customer service and fast cloud hosting. Enjoy the latest caching technology, fast servers and a free SSL certificate. Round the clock technical support is always ready to help you and answer any questions. Find out what ChemiCloud is in our full review.
How can I get a ChemiCloud promo code?
To get a ChemiCloud promo code, you need to select any hosting plan and go to your shopping cart. The 50% off promo code will be automatically applied to your order once you go to your cart. If you want to get an individual discount or promo code, please contact support via online chat on the website.
Who owns ChemiCloud?
ChemiCloud is owned by a private USA company called CCHosting, Inc. We are not part of any group or corporation. We are simply a company focused on performance and customer satisfaction. To find out all the information about the provider, go to the page "About us", where all the information is written.
Are there alternatives to ChemiCloud?
ChemiCloud is a unique web hosting service with cloud solutions. But like everyone else, ChemiCloud has alternatives. We recommend you pay attention to CloudWays. This hosting company also offers cloud web hosting with connection to DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Linode and a minimum price of $10 per month.

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